About Us

Hand in Hand Learning

With over 18 years of dedication to the early childhood field, it was time for me to branch out on my own. My name is Elise Winegarden and the Early Education Expeditions staff and I offer an opportunity to provide children ages 6 weeks – 6 years with a nurturing learning environment. E3 is childcare with education at the forefront. Teachers design a Creative Curriculum specifically geared to the group of children in their care, knowing that each group will have different development and learning needs. Our quality teaching staff brings both education and experience to E3 to build a well-rounded learning environment for each child. Matched with resources to enrich our program, such as an organic food program and Zoo-phonics, E3 strives to provide for your children what we would want for our own.

Extras for Nothing Extra

At Early Education Expeditions your money goes further. We enrich our program with a healthy food program and extra learning resources for your child to have the best opportunities while in our care.

All natural meals are provided by Sticks & Stones Catering with options for children who are already eating table foods. Children still eating baby food will have meals provided by Earths Best to ensure a fully organic food program for all ages. Little bodies need more than just healthy food. Active learning is a great way for children to retain what they learn. To accomplish this we couple our nutrition program with a yoga program as well as music and movement.


Zoo-Phonics Learning

Speaking of active learning, Zoo-phonics is a kinesthetic and multisensory phonics program that we use to help children learn to read. The fun character actions help young children learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet to lay the foundations for letter recognition and early reading.

E3 strives to introduce children to the educational and emotional essentials of Kindergarten. One of the tools we use is our SmartBoard. SmartBoard provides computer interactive learning for children 2 ½ to 6. A dedicated resource teacher will build a curriculum for children to be able to use this fun teaching element regularly. In fact, our resource teacher will ensure that your child and their classmates have dedicated time with all of our enrichment programs. Along with those mentioned, E3 offers an emersion Spanish program.